Venum Challenger Xtreme Backpack - Navy BlueWhite
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Venum Challenger Xtreme Backpack - Navy Blue/White

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    No matter how hard or how often you train, the convertible Challenger backpack from Venum is more than enough to get the job done. It's designed to meet the needs of a full-time athlete, providing enough room to fit several BJJ Gis, nogi gear, and much more. When the convertible portion is closed, it's a very roomy backpack, suitable for casual, travel, hiking, etc. Once converted to its full length, it becomes a convenient duffle bag with room to pack up an entire day's worth of martial arts training. Multiple sessions of Gi, nogi... heck, even some Vale Tudo challenge matches.

    Features include an over-sized main compartment for your bulk of gear, side storage pocket, and front storage with a laced closure system. There's also an insulated side "cooler" pocket so you can keep your drinks nice and cool, an amazing feature if you're spending a long day at a tournament, a long drive to the gym, or during long training sessions. Hidden MP3 player for hikes, treadmills, or day-to-day use. Micro-fleece pocket for safe carriage of your cell phone.

    Roomy gear bags can sometimes be a strain on your back, so Venum was sure to implement an ergonomic design with padded shoulder straps and padded sections across the back. The padding is mesh-covered, creating a soft air-cushion that disperses and relieves the force against your shoulders, traps, upper and lower back.

    350 x 630 x 240mm and expands to 350 x 880 x 240mm.
    14" x 25" x 9" and expands to 14" x 35" x 9".

    Venum Challenger Xtreme Backpack - Navy Blue/White $59

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